Coaching The East Shirley Way

Prepared By Club Coach: Nev Lyons NZCA Level 3

CCJA coaching plan
Prepared by Nev Lyons (Level 3 NZCA)
 Introduction to Group (Coach of the Day) 5mins
Batting 20mins
Set-Up (Left & Right handed)
Grip Hands together, middle of handle (pick up bat face down from ground)
Vs pointing down back of bate between splice and leading edge
Stance Feet shoulder width apart
Side on
Knees relaxed, slightly bent
Eyes level
Weight on balls of feet
Taking Guard Centre
Back Lift Head still
Co-ordinate backlift with bowlers stride
Keep hands in close to body
Toe of bat pointing to 1st slip
Wrist cocked at top of backlift
Hitting Ball Watching Ball
Bowlers Hand
Bowlers Window
Striking ball
Full face
High front elbow (Forming a number 9)
Running between Wickets
Clear calling (Three calls) Yes / No / Wait
Striker to call on most occasions
Non-striker calls when striker is unsighted
Backing up
Moving forward when ball delivered
Short strides for balance and reaction time
Carry bat in appropriate hand for easy turning
Keep low into crease
Quick turning speed
Acceleration from crease
A game (running between wickets)
Split group into 2 teams
I group fielding
1 group batting
Wickets 10m apart
1 batter at a time
Equipment: 2 x wickets, 1 x bat and 1 ball.

Bowling: 20mins
Basic grip with first and second fingers slightly apart on the seam with thumb on the seam under the ball
Ball is held out in the first two joints of the fingers
Grip must allow the ball to be released with the seam in upright position

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