Clubrooms and Facilities

Bar & Catering

The club is blessed to have the best cricket club facilities in Canterbury catering for 3 wicket blocks each week which we share with Shirley Rugby club during the winter period this partnership works extremely well.

This facility is managed by a board with representatives  from the rugby and cricket club and call The Shirley Sports Club.

The club have a fully licensed bar and backed by a club license with a catering facility covering club lunches and food for after match functions.  The Shirley Sports Club hire this fantastic facility out for weddings, birthdays, meeting etc.  


Wickets & Nets

The East Shirley Cricket Club are very lucky to have their own grounds man who is able to produce the best club wickets in town covering the main Burwood no1 block and also mirrored practice blocks which have helped the development of many of our club first class and NZ players best off all the club culture and  these 3 components are the clubs jewels.  Also the no 2 & 3 blocks are also fantastic blocks that produce many runs each weekend.


The club have a 4 lane all weather batting & bowling facility which is situated on Burwood  Park and is available  to all club members and public young and old to enjoy their skill development.


We backup all these training  facility with trained club coaches and coaching tools.